V2 Pro Series 3 Starter Kit

V2 Pro Series 3

The V2 PRO Series 3 vaporizer kit combines an innovative sleek design with sophisticated technology. The Pro Series 3 vaporizer system brings value, power and performance to a new level. The best part… It’s Available now!

V2 PRO Series 7 Vaporizer Kit from V2 Cigs

V2 Pro Series 7

The Series 7 V2 Pro Vaporizer Kit in the current market, is simply put: “the best loose leaf vaporizer” . By changing the cartridge type, the Series 7 vaporizer easily converts to the perfect setup for essential oils and your favorite e-liquid.

The V2 Pro Series vaporizer kits have been designed for simple use with plenty of options. V2 Cigs has gone above and beyond with cutting edge technology, and modern sleek design. A Vaporizer like nothing that has hit market so far. Simply put, the V2 Pro Series are more than vaporizers, they’re cool personified!

All of the kits in the V2 Pro Series portable vaporizer line eliminate messy thread configurations, for a much cleaner, and hassle free experience. Using magnetic parts, the cartridge, battery, and charger all snap together with ease. The slotted design of the V2 Pro cartridge inserts and battery, mean both components line up to make a solid connection.

There are three different cartridge types available for the V2 Pro Series.

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The V2 Pro Series portable vaporizer kits come packaged with a cartridge or tank style insert specifically designed to vaporize your favorite e-cig liquid. The unit has a level indicator, and is engineered to eliminate leaks.




V2 Pro Series Loose Leaf Portable Vaporizer Icon

Loose Leaf

With the dry media insert, The V2 Pro Portable Vaporizer Series gives you the ability to use loose leaf mediums such as traditional tobacco, or medicinal herbs. The Pro Series senses the loose leaf, and heats it to the right temperature!


V2 Pro Series Essential Oil Cartridge

Essential Oils

V2 Pro Series kits are compatible with both essential oils and waxes, the Pro Series Essential Oil Cartridge allows you to diversify your Pro Series kit even further. Fill with your favorite medium, experience a new level of vaping satisfaction!