Refill Cartridges for South Beach Smoke Deluxe E-Cigarettes

Refill cartridges for South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Deluxe Series Kits are manufactured using patented VaporMax® technology.  Each South Beach Smoke e-cigarette cartridge is comparable to at least 1 1/2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. That means that the Deluxe Cartridge is equivalent to paying about $2.33 per pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes.  South Beach Smoke offers a no-hassle home delivery program. Not only can you put yourself on a custom delivery schedule so you never run out of your favorite South Beach Smoke e-cigarette flavors, but you save an additional 20%. This means you get your flavor cartridges for only $2.13 each… that works out to be the same as spending about $1.42 per pack of traditional smokes, without the smell or all the potential health risks. (more…)