Joye 510-T (Tank)Joye 510-T (Tank) e-cigarette applies the new tank system for dripping e-liquid directly into its 0.5ml tank cartridge without the use of tissue inside the tank. This revolutionary new e-cigarette makes dripping easier and less frustrating for the Joye 510-t user.

Brand: Joye
Unit: Starter Kit
Shipping weight:290g

Note: Joyetech logo is imprinted on each product.

Color: black/white/stainless/titanium/copper/red/green/blue/purple/pink
Package: Joye logoed gift box


Joye 510-t Starter Kit contents:

Joye 510-T atomizer (resistance 2.2 ohm) 2pc
Joye 510-t auto battery (220mAh) 2pc
Joye 510-T empty cartridge (capacity 0.5ml,black) 5pc
Joye USB Wall charger (US) 1pc
Joye 510 USB charger 1pc
Manual 1pc

Auto/Manual Battery Comparison´╝Ü
Size: length 65mm (2.56in) / diameter 9.2mm (0.36in)
Capacity: auto 220mAh/ manual 150mAh
Mouthfuls: auto 220 mouthfuls/ manual 150mouthfuls
Auto: inhale to activate
Manual: press the manual switch to activate

Why to choose?
Everything in the Joye 510-T series is included in one kit
Two battery modes (auto/manual) available, suit different needs.
100% genuine Joye product, great quality
Tank system, no filler inside, more sanitary
Good vapor production and good taste

Joye 510-t - How to fill the tankHow to refill your Joye 510-t?
Insert the cartridge tightly into the atomizer to puncture the middle thin layer
Inject the e-juice from the punctured hole into cartridge
Insert the atomizer into the cartridge and then upside down

How to charge?
*Screw the battery into the 510 USB charger
*Then insert into a computer USB port
*Or insert them into the flat mini USB wall charger then charging on a socket.

*The battery inside is new Joye 510 manual/auto battery, which is not sensitive to airflow and much better than the old version.
*All the cartridges in auto kit are black.