Brain Fogger Vaporizer Kit by Mig Vapor

Power where it’s Needed:

Anywhere you go, the reliability and power of the Brain Fogger Vaporizer Kit is guaranteed to get the job done when and wherever you need it.

Meticulously crafted for portability and power the Bad Ass kit is designed from the ground up to meet your needs in everyday life. Step out from the norm of poorly designed dab pens and become a true bad ass with our Brain Fogger and Target Mini.

A glass bubble mouthpiece tank and a respectable temperature range! The Brain Fogger and Target Mini will melt the concentrates like nothing you’ve seen before. With its new stacked doughnut coil technology, you won’t want to use anything else!

The Target Mini Badass Vaporizer Kit has Everything You’ll Need:

  • 1 Brain Fogger Atomizer
  • 1400 Mah VW/Target Mini mod
  • 1 Rubber Tank Protector
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Dab Tool
  • User Manual
  • A Unique Gift Box


The Brain Fogger Target Mini Badass Kit

There’s a reason Mig Vapor refers to this as The Brain Fogger Target Mini Badass Kit. This vaporizer kit is indeed “Bad Ass”.

We’re not just talking about the epic colorful style of the badass gift box in which this baby resides. That by itself will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store when it arrives. The ergonomic design of the Target Mini Vape Pen is comfortable and compact in hand. Furthermore, the combination of the Target Mini pen with the brain fogger mod is a winner.

The Brain Fogger Vaporizer Kit from Mig Vapor takes vaping wax and concentrates to a whole new level. The Brain Fogger is a new exclusive advanced Wax vaporizer atomizer tank. This vaporizer kit is a compact,  and powerful, and delivers extraordinary performance! This portable vaporizer Featuring new Ceramic Heating Technology and Gold Plated Connectors make this an excellent choice for any avid vaper looking to get the most from their think oils and concentrates. It’s Bad Ass for a reason, with its amazing coil tech and True Dual Thermal Technology, Mig Vapor has included as much of the latest vape tech as possible to deliver a cutting edge product.

Are you wondering how other people feel about the Brain Fogger dab pen? If you’re like most consumers, the more insight the better. Check out the 5 star product reviews directly from the source:


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