Economy E-Cig Starter Kit from Mig Vapor

The economy e-cig starter kit from MigVapor is one of their most popular starter kits. This quality e-cig starter kit is perfect for the consumer on a budget.

Need enough power to get you through your day?

With two 280mah rechargeable e-cigarette batteries and its convenient usb charger, the economy e-cig starter kit from Mig Vapor has you covered. The ability to choose from either manual or automatic batteries provide greater control over your vaping experience.

Choose your style and stand out with several color options for your e-cigarette batteries. These color options include black, white, hot pink, stainless, and rainbow, and you can choose a different finish for each battery.

With ten unique flavors available, as well as a blank cartridge, options are plenty with the economy e-cig starter kit flavor cartridges. You can find your favorite and stick with it, or you can mix it up over time to keep your taste buds guessing.

Economy E-Cig Starter Kit – Flavor Options:

  • Red Zeppelin- Strong Tobacco Flavor
  • Sahara Classic – Light Tobacco Flavor
  • Menthol – Cool Blast Flavor
  • Green Tea 50/50 Blend
  • Colombian Coffee
  • Vanilla – Smooth and Creamy Flavor
  • Blueberry Classic – Hookah
  • Grape Flavor 50/50 Blend
  • Green Apple 50/50 Blend
  • Miami Fusion- Berries and Tobacco

The e-cigarette cartridges come in five available nicotine levels, for whatever your strength preference.


  • High (2.4%)
  • Medium-High (1.8%)
  • Medium (1.2%)
  • Low (0.6%)
  • Zero (0.0%)


Mig Vapor Economy E-Cig Starter Kit - E-Cigs R UsThis starter kit is a great option if you are new to vaping. Simple and affordable, therefore making it a solid option.





What’s Included in the Starter Kit:

  • 2 Mig Cig (Standard) 280 mAh ecig batteries (your choice of color / auto or manual)
  • 1 USB Charger
  • User Manual
  • Warranty
  • 5 Pack Of Mig Vapor E-Cigarette Cartridges (Your Choice Of Flavors And Nicotine Level)

Mig Vapor Economy E-Cig Starter Kit Specs:

  • 280 mAh Ecig Batteries
  • 4.2 Volt High Power Batteries
  • 5 Mig Vapor Refill Cartridges Roughly Equivalent To 5 Packs Of Cigarettes

* Use only with Mig Vapor charger and keep away from heat and water.


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