KangerTech EVOD 2 Starter Kit

Upgrade your e cigarette experience with the five star rated KangerTech EVOD 2 Starter kit. Enjoy long lasting, maximized vapor production from a  product that is power efficient, and easy to maintain. The versatile KangerTech EVOD 2 Starter Kit delivers ease of use at a price that wont break the bank. With standard 510 / EGO Style threading, the KangerTech EVOD 2 offers you options to further customize the setup to compliment your style and taste.



More Info on the KangerTech EVOD 2 Kit

The updated KangerTech EVOD 2 Starter kit with EVOD 2 BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) Clearomizer, comes with the evod 2 BDC clearomizer designed to deliver maximum performance whose heating system is totally different from the EVOD BCC clearomizer.

The EVOD battery is customized for the EVOD clearomizers, although EVOD clearomizers can work well with most eGo/eGo T/eGo C batteries.

At 650mAh, each EVOD battery has 3.7V constant output voltage, which makes sure it delivers consistent performance regardless of whether it is fully charged or not. The EVOD battery provides you longer vaping sessions between charges.

KangerTech EVOD 2 Specs:

Starter Kit: KangerTech EVOD 2

Kit Brand: KangerTech

Unit:1 set

Colors Available: Black/Pink

Ecig Size:Diametter 14mm; Length:142mm

EVOD 2 Battery Output Voltage:3.7v

Battery Capacity:650mAh

Clearomizer Resistance:1.5ohm

Clearomizer Capacity:1.6ml

Threading: 510/eGo

NOTE: Security code and QR code are on the bottom of the packing box,customers can distinguish genuine kits.


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