V2 Pro Power Bank – Portable Power Pack

V2 Pro Power Bank – USB Charging on the go. For vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and other small electronic devices.


The V2 Pro Power Bank is no longer available as V2 cigs has closed for business.


The V2 Pro Power Bank was designed for your active lifestyle. This versatile charger features a standard USB port for seamless compatibility with most portable devices. To charge, simply plug your device into the USB port and push the button on the side of the Power Bank. Push the same button and a series of LED indicator lights along the body of the charger shows you remaining power levels.

In a single charge, the V2 Pro Power Bank is capable of charging your V2 Pro Series 3 device five times or your V2 Pro Series 7 twice.

The V2 Pro Power Bank battery capacity is 3,800 mAh.


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