Refill cartridges for South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Deluxe Series Kits are manufactured using patented VaporMax® technology.  Each South Beach Smoke e-cigarette cartridge is comparable to at least 1 1/2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. That means that the Deluxe Cartridge is equivalent to paying about $2.33 per pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes.  South Beach Smoke offers a no-hassle home delivery program. Not only can you put yourself on a custom delivery schedule so you never run out of your favorite South Beach Smoke e-cigarette flavors, but you save an additional 20%. This means you get your flavor cartridges for only $2.13 each… that works out to be the same as spending about $1.42 per pack of traditional smokes, without the smell or all the potential health risks.

The real savings, however, is in the fact that many people end up smoking less.  How many times have you lit a cigarette and smoked the whole thing simply because it was lit and you didn’t want to waste it?  With your South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette, you can take a drag or two and simply put it away.  As you can see, the real savings in electronic cigarettes is in the cartridges.


You can choose your level of nicotine depending on what you would normally smoke from one tobacco cigarette. South Beach Smoke cartridges are available in the following strengths:

  • Full Flavored (16mg) – comparable to traditional non-filtered cigarettes
  • Light (12mg) – comparable to traditional ‘Lights’
  • Ultra Light (6mg) – comparable to traditional ‘Ultra Lights’
  • No Nicotine (0mg) – cartridges with the flavor but which contain no nicotine at all

NOTE:  Many customers that are trying to reduce nicotine consumption, gradually move down their nicotine levels.


In addition to selecting your preferred strength, you can also select from a variety of specially formulated flavors for your enjoyment.

  • Regular Tobacco Flavor – for those who enjoy the taste and feel of a rich full flavored tobacco cigarette.
  • Menthol Flavor – a cool and refreshing blast of flavor every time you puff with our cool Menthol.
  • Vanilla Flavor – Ahhh the sweet taste of pure vanilla.
  • Chocolate Flavor – Satisfy your urge for that unmistakable milk chocolate taste.
  • Cherry Flavor – Let our Cherry flavor create an enjoyable smoke with each draw.

South Beach Smoke Home Delivery Program:

Through their optional and easy to use Home Delivery Program, South Beach Smoke gives you the option of having your cartridges conveniently delivered right to you every month at a great savings.  As a member of the South Beach Smoke Home Delivery Program, here’s what you get:

  • 20% Off Your Cartridges
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Parts
  • Exclusive Sale Events & Promotions
  • No Obligation – Cancel Anytime

NOTE:  You will be given the opportunity to enroll in the Home Delivery Program and get the reduced price once you complete your order after checkout.

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