V2 Cigs offers unparalleled electronic cigarette quality and variety at a price range befitting any electronic cigarette user. V2 brings a solid product line to the table, of everything from  e cigarette starter kits, and 100% customizable cartridges, to everything in between. Their attention to detail, as well as their focus on quality control, truly sets them apart.

 V2 cigs design:

All of  e cigarette products are designed by V2 Cigs engineers on both ends of the U.S., both in Florida and California. Once the engineers complete the designs, the products are only assembled at assembly plants certified by V2. All suppliers working with V2  to provide all V2 products sub-components, are fully verified and approved.  Furthermore V2  electrical products are tested daily at their quality control center in Miami Florida, as well as on-site at all of their International factories.

E cigarette starter kits by V2 Cigs:

A great way to begin your e cigarette experience. E-cig starter kits include the V2 Express Kit, V2 Economy Kit, V2 Standard Kit, V2 Standard Plus Kit, V2 Couples Kit, V2 Traveler Kit and the V2 Ultimate Kit. V2 Power-Cig and V2 Notebook-cig are also available.